The cost of Installation is roughly 25-40% of a project’s total budget. However, it can impact the quality of that same project by 100%, making it either a boom or a bust. Highly trained and skilled professionals are critical to the success of any installation. Materials such as epoxy resin and stainless steel take hours of instruction to perfect. All of our subcontractors are factory trained and are certified by local apprentice programs. From the installation of high-end Wood Casework to complex Fume Hoods, we have the personnel and knowledge to get the job done right.

Safety is in our DNA. Scientifix’s commitment to the safety of our workers and those around us is uncompromising. All employees are outfitted with proper PPE. We require our subcontractors have all necessary safety training including OSHA certifications, and SST cards in NYC. Forklift and material lift operators must be trained and licensed prior to performing at a Scientifix job site. Scientifix also employs a full-time safety manager who performs monthly safety meetings and supervises the overall safety requirements at each job location.


At the completion of a project, we deliver all guarantees, warranties, and operation/ maintenance manuals to the maintenance staff. We ensure that all areas and materials are inspected and in good condition. Our project staff organizes the final set of as-built drawings and finishes any paperwork associated with the final payment and closeout of the project. We will perform all warranty work and remain available to our clients should additional service be required after warranty obligations are met. In addition, we can provide maintenance agreements to ensure the long-term function of valuable laboratory equipment.